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Tripps Plus reviews a trip to Dallas. At Tripps, we suggest a trip to Dallas this summer and Fall. Dallas’s heart of the Lone Star State has been the quintessential American city for decades.

The big slice of Americana offers all-star sports teams, a culture steeped in history, and a burgeoning art scene. The city now boasts multi-billion dollar urban and city renewal projects that provide visitors and residents with new and fresh experiences in various art, culture, and entertainment districts.

Tripps Plus Top 2023 Guide to Dallas, Texas

With springtime temperatures in the mid-’60s and summertime averages in the mid 80’s, Dallas has a comfortable climate all year long that is perfect for strolling the art districts or spending the evening taking in the nightlife.

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Dallas Art District

The city’s 19 blocks of museums, entertainment venues, and art exhibits qualify it as one of the largest art districts in the country.

The neighborhood is peppered with hotels that offer the perfect location to establish a base camp for a weekend, taking in a few attractions or a residence for a week-long retreat, says Tripps Plus.

Frequent travelers believe that Nasher Sculpture Center should be one of the first stops on an art enthusiast’s tour; the building is a work of art by architect Renzo Piano.

The center offers an immense collection of contemporary sculptures from artists like Matisse, Picasso, and Rodin, to name a famous few. The center rotates exhibits frequently and often displays special exhibits from other museums worldwide.

Care should be taken when planning a visit to the art district. Please visit for complete listings of attractions, lodging, and restaurants.

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Western Historical District

The original Dallas County courthouse, Tripps Plus, suggests visiting the Old Red Courthouse, the home of the Visitor’s Information Center and the first stop for any visitor to the city.

The visitor center will help draw a personal map for history buffs in the Western Historical District. Whether you intend to explore the reasons behind JFK’s assassination from the grassy knoll or to mosey down the town’s historic streets, travelers suggest this landmark district as a perfect place to begin your tour of Dallas.

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Tripps Plus says that only a trip to Dallas or the historic area is complete with exploring a bit of the wild west in the famous Wild Bill’s Western Store.

Dallas offers a bit of Americana for every taste. With enough attractions for a quick weekend getaway or an extended adventure, Dallas attracts nearly 30 million visitors yearly. Join the party and find yourself a star in their city.

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